Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forex for beginners

The forex market is an investment market that is very very profitable why practically advantageous because the difference in price movements of various currency pairs running 24 hours a day and night within 5 working days in realtime, so the opportunity to profit 100% may be achieved. But with a high profit or gain must have a very high risk as well, so we must remain vigilant and cautious in making transactions, to avoiding a loss in this article includes several tips for safe trading in the forex market, please read and understood , for his tips are as follows:

1. Choose a Broker who can be trusted, because we invest in the forex market online and use a transaction with a real currency, so the first point is very important to choose a trusted broker.

2. Believe me with his own analysis of both Technical and fundamental analysis, but that still seoarang trader beginner then try their own analysis using references from various sources to get a good analysis to make the Open Position. In order to generate profit.

3. Do not ever do the transaction or the Open Position by using margin or capital above 20% because the rest can be used to hold losses (loss) on currency movements opposite to the direction which we attach.

4. Do not Open Position when news of the world market is being updated or not released, because the forex market price movements will be strongly influenced by the economic news, here required a deeper knowledge about the fundamental analysis that affect the forex market, because the forex market will rise or fall dramatically, depending on the strength of these economi news.

5. Do not be greedy. if you have reached the target profit per day then you better just end the trading on that day, continue tomorrow, looking at the forex market movements while analyzing the market price direction. Not greedy avoid loss.

6. Do not ever order (enter market) exceeds 20% of your capital, because the rest can be used to hold losses on currency movements opposite to the direction which we attach.

7. Play in the currency that has spread (the difference between the selling price or purchase) the lowest. For example the Euro currency with the U.S. dollar (EUR / USD) the difference was 3 points / lots. Its function is to maximize profit and minimize loss.

8. Do not be too trusting and relying on charts / chat / graphics, because it could happen GAP (drastic movement, can suddenly go up or down).

9. We recommend using indicator chart setting with a time frame / 15 min scale. Usually when the market release, at that time began there was a movement.

10. Note also the movement of currency / currency other countries. For example, suppose we are again trading between EUR / USD. Then see jg USD / CHF it is meant as a comparison, so if both are equal then we do not move against the market direction.

8. If you can avoid playing on Friday because, according to brokerage experience the movement difficult to predict and often occur GAP. Might be due before the market close.

Maybe it was just a few tips from me, maybe there is still much less please add, Happy trading with forex broker of your choice. Hopefully always profit!