Sunday, April 24, 2011

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance in Indonesia is still lacking. While travel insurance is an important element in the tour. "According to Indonesian Chartists their party to pay Rp 15.1 billion for the 1800 case of travel insurance claims," said Head of Travel Insurance Accident & Health Business Unit, Chartists Insurance Indonesia, Ari Junior at the time Astindo International Travel Fair (AITF) 2011, According to Ari It gives a clear evidence of travel insurance is required. "If not there, imagine there are costs to be borne by the traveler. This proves the importance of travel insurance," he said.

He added the current world conditions changing situations, for example in Europe that had a blizzard a few days ago. At that time, several claims occur because passengers could not travel a lot due to snow. "Last year there volcanic eruption in Iceland, we pay a lot of claims. Because so many delays and stranded passenger aircraft," he said. Therefore, he continued, travel insurance is not just accessories but also the necessary protection of tourists.

Similar disclosed Association Chairman Air Ticket Sales Agent Indonesia, Elly Hutabarat. He said the Indonesian market for travel insurance still has plenty of room to grow. "Buying travel insurance is still lacking and that's important. For example, America has had the flu just need 500 dollars for treatment. If the hospital can be much more expensive, so 1000 dollars, "he said. Therefore, it wanted to empower the travel agency for more purchase travel insurance for the sake of security when traveling to the consumer. In AITF 2011, Chartists provide additional benefits to visitors of the exhibition who purchased airline tickets for domestic and overseas during the exhibition. The additional benefit is the protection of travel insurance at no additional cost with coverage up to USD 130 million.