Wednesday, April 20, 2011

United States Denies War For Oil in Libya

U.S. Ambassador, Scot Marciel
United States (U.S.) denied various allegations of assault with a coalition calling for the control of the abundant oil fields in Libya. "We did not do it for oil. This does not make money, instead we lost a lot of money," as claimed by the U.S. Ambassador, Scot Marciel

He asserted, according to the command of President Barack Obama, U.S. and coalition attacks purely to protect civilians from the regime of Muammar Gaddafi's Libya. "Gaddafi must go to protect the citizens of Libya. That's not the purpose of NATO," he said. As is known, a U.S. Marine Corps officer, Mark Edward Schwan in his MA thesis in 1995, wrote that the Gulf War in 1991 became extraordinary promotional event for a variety of U.S. weaponry. In the midst of blood gelimang Iraqis killed by the bombing and the US-led military attack, U.S. arms business was reached 40 billion U.S. dollars.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the Libyan people's blood gelimang, European and American weapons business with cloak of democracy, freedom, human rights and everything is plugged anchor pentungannya death to his advantage and for the sake of economic recovery in Europe and America are experiencing crisis. To cover the budget deficit, Americans were collecting the state treasury from taxes and various kinds of loans. Because, America's debt has reached record highs in the level of 14.3 trillion dollars.